Berry, Coconut & Almond Milk Smoothie


As a full time mum and cook I wanted to create a no fuss breakfast full of fibre and vitamins to start the day with a nutritional BANG! What could be better than a creamy (dairy-free) fresh fruit smoothie?

Smoothies can be either purely fruit (for extra thickness and texture), juice based or DF milk based. To get a creamy taste and texture for your smoothie without dairy, you can use any dairy free milk, yoghurt or cream of your choice. I use a blend of coconut milk with almond milk and sometimes a touch of coconut cream which creates a beautifully silken texture.

Once you have a liquid base for your smoothie it is time to add fruit. You can literally use any fruits and certain vegetables such as carrots, spinach, kale, beetroot etc. It’s a great way of hiding fruits and veg that your kids or maybe even you aren’t really keen on from a textural point of view. Today I used:

Serves 1

A small handful of chilled blueberries

4 chilled strawberries

A whole banana

1/2 chilled grapefruit

100 ml of each | chilled coconut & almond milk (I use the Alpro brand)


Simply blend together and serve!


Find it on my Instagram along with other recipes!

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