Coconut-nut Freezer Pops

Despite the weather in England currently being drizzly and glum, sunshine is hopefully on the way. A fortnight ago the weather was blisteringly hot so I made some frozen protein-packed pops to help me to stay cool. Being Dairy free, it can be hard to find a frozen dessert or snack that isn’t a sugary sorbet or ice pop. Here are some rich and nutty treats that all the family can enjoy!

Makes 10 Pops

You will need:

Raw coconut oil

Raw cacao

Toasted almonds

Pip and Nut Almond Coconut Butter


Date syrup

Desiccated coconut

Sunflower seeds

A young banana

Half a carton of coconut cream


Mix together into balanced batter, form into balls, chill overnight, coat in almonds the next morning!

I realise that there are no specific measurements, primarily because these are a fun, hands-on improvisation based foodstuff. Just go with it and as long as they form into a ball they will work.

Put onto colourful sticks for pops pretty enough for Instagram!

This recipe and every other is always Gluten and Dairy free.

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