Mega Cream of Mushroom soup

*You will need a large, deep saucepan/soup pan*


2 tbsp good extra virgin olive oil

pour into pan on a medium heat and add the following in chronological order:

3 cloves garlic – finely chopped

1 medium red onion – finely diced

2 leeks – finely sliced

3 stalks celery – finely sliced

cook through until translucent and then add:

650g sliced mushrooms of your choice (I used a 2:1 ration chestnut to shiitake)

cook for 5 mins, stirring occasionally then add:

2 chicken stock pots

2 tbsp white wine vinegar

2 tbsp runny honey

1 tsp ground garlic pepper

1 tsp sea salt flakes

allow vinegar acid to cook off for 5 mins and then add:

300ml unsweetened almond milk

1 litre spring water

250ml single soy cream

leaves from 10 thyme sprigs

allow to simmer for 30-45 mins and then use a hand-held blender once off the heat (taking care not to splash yourself), taking care to leave some chunks for added texture.

Serve and enjoy!


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