Jilly’s Ultimate Breakfast Pancakes

Everybody loves pancakes, right?  My household is no exception but with 3 of us being Gluten and Dairy free and 2 of us being ‘normal’, my pancake recipe has to really pull some punches to satisfy both foodie genres.

I always make ‘free from’ foods that appeal to everybody at the table or else I simply don’t serve them. Tried and tested, these pancakes are the perfect way to start the day (or bring it to a happy close if you are a fan of the reverse breakfast like me!) – they are soft, fluffy and so satisfying.

Not only are these pancakes Gluten & Dairy free but they are Refined Sugar free too.




120g Pure Olive spread

100g Raw coconut oil

  • Melt in a saucepan and set aside.
  • Meanwhile, into a large bowl whisk together:

100g pure dark maple syrup

8g vanilla bean paste

The juice of a whole freshly squeezed lemon

The melted oil

70g coconut sugar

  • Mix together, then add:

120g Gluten Free (GF) oat bran

70g GF oat flour

300g GF plain flour

15g GF baking powder

100g Dairy Free (DF) plain coconut yoghurt alternative

4 large organic free range eggs (good eggs from happy hens are important!)

  • Whisk into a thick batter and then add:

200ml DF coconut milk

100ml DF almond milk

  • Combine thoroughly, cover and refrigerate (overnight if needed) until half and hour before cooking
  • To cook – Grab a large non-stick pan and put it onto a med/high heat until water bubbles and forms sizzling balls when flicked
  • Turn the heat down a bit after this, wait 30 seconds, spray a little coconut or sunflower oil before each pancake and then add a ladle of batter
  • Allow bubbles to surface through the centre of the pancake and its surround before flipping
  • The overall look should be lacy and golden brown.
  • Serve up a stack and enjoy! I love maple syrup and fresh fruit with mine.




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